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Tritones Empty Tritones

Post by Mr. Freeze on Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:14 pm

For you musicians and composers out there (gotta get out my theory thoughts somehow):

Tritones are two notes six half steps apart (ie C and F#), known as "the devil's interval." When played together the notes create a dissonance only rivaled by the minor 2nd interval. Ambulances in Europe actually use tritone intervals to catch the attention of drivers because it's too grating to drown out.

I'm curious as to how you guys would use it in the context of music; I've heard Rush use it for their songs but I wonder if there's a different way to apply them besides "OMG RUSH TIEM TRITONES BITCH" or "diminished chords equal much anguish!" I'm not even addressing chord structured tritones (key signatures diverting to the tritone key to signify the furthest point from home/comfort), but those make more sense in a musical context.

If you catch the interval in another piece of music that doesn't use it in the manner Rush does, post it here if you can find it. As soon as I can find one of the Rush songs I was thinking of I'll edit this to put a video up as an example.

(also, diminished chords don't count...the notes have to actually jump from the first note to the tritone of the key)

My visual definition of a tritone: HurdurGirdur

now I'll stop being a major nerd and go back to my minor existence until I diminish completely

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Tritones Empty Re: Tritones

Post by Trollestia on Tue Feb 05, 2013 7:48 pm

You could probably use Tritones in dubstep.

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