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New Apple Products Revealed

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New Apple Products Revealed

Post by Trollestia on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:58 pm

So there's some new stuff from Apple that probably interests nobody in the forum except me, but I'll be posting about it anyways.
First off, a new iOS. iOS 7 has a new look, which is pretty trendy I guess but I'm more interested in seeing if it's not slow as shit. Please fix the functionality of the iOS before you fix its aesthetics, Apple.
Safari will have Twitter integration, which I guess is better than Facebook integration but it's not particularly useful. You just link your Twitter account and you can click on a thing that will show you links shared by people you follow. Safari will also be designed to take less of a toll on your computer, so battery life and processing power is preserved. It will also be faster. Kind of cool.
This new Safari thing is all part of OSX Maverick, the new OS for Macs. This also includes iBooks, and the iCloud Keychain which is actually a pretty neat thing except a hacker might be able to get into your keychain and steal your passwords. Unlikely, though, as it uses AES 256-bit encryption. There will also be multiple displays available, which is nice. Notifications make a comeback, which can get annoying fast if you're stupid and don't know how to turn them off.
An awesome feature is the Finder tabs. It's a lot like folders, but instead of taking up space on the desktop they take up space like tabs in a web browser when you open up Finder. That's pretty cool. You'll also be able to tag files so you can find them by searching the keyword used to identify a specific tag, like "important" or "trap porn" or "important trap porn". OSX Server also gets a buff but I'm not a server person so all the jargon used in the "About" page means nothing to me.
Developer tools are rumored to make creating good apps easier. I dunno if that will actually be true though. It's also stated that the new OS will be more battery and processor efficient. I sure hope so, since that's my biggest pet peeve with Lion: it's really fucking slow.
I'm not sure what the deal is with the new Mac Pro since the webpage keeps freezing so I'll post an update about that later.
There's a new Macbook Air. It has a better battery life. Cool, I guess.
There's also a useless ad about how Apple products are designed in California, but not only would I rather they be made in California (or anywhere else in the US, for that matter), they also wrote the plural of no as "no's" when it should have been ""no"s". So good job making me question the quality of your products by designing a commercial with a grammatical error.
iTunes Radio is taking a bite out of Pandora's pie, but I'm okay with that since iTunes has more access to music than Pandora. It will be a similar premise, as well. Ads for non-paying users, and no ads for those who choose to pay a monthly fee. People who pay this fee will also have all their music stored in iCloud if it was saved into iTunes, so that's good if your computer, iPod, and backup hard drive all fail at once.
UPDATE: This isn't an edit because the page for the new Mac Pro stopped being buggy before I posted this. The new Mac will be twice as fast, will have more memory, better graphics, and also won't overheat and melt your graphics card (cough cough iMac '07). It didn't say if it will be self serviceable, but from its design it sure looks like it will be. Speaking of design, why does it look like a trash can? Because it's different!!1 But seriously, its design is something I couldn't care less about. Apple claims the new Mac Pro will be entirely assembled in the US, so that's pretty cool. Now do that with the iPhone, iPad, iMac, Mac Mini, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air.
All in all, I'm going to reserve judgement for most of this stuff until it's released in the fall. Almost everything except the Mac Pro is just showing off aesthetics. I'm really hoping the Mac Pro is self-serviceable; then I wouldn't feel as bad buying one and installing Linux on it.

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