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A guide on the GTS and the language barrier

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A guide on the GTS and the language barrier

Post by Demon Lord Ghirahim on Sun Nov 17, 2013 12:55 am

Pokemon X and Y continues on its enthusiasm and encouragement to get connected with other players and just have an all around good time even if there is a language barrier.
The GTS on the game has implemented a short comment system associated with the pokemon that you put up for trade. Because of the region lock on the 3DS and language barrier that just naturally exists, there are bound to be some problems and some people that will take advantage of it and twist the words to create a false advertisement of what they are really offering. This guide here should help make it so that you can at least be a little more aware of what the Japanese speaking community is saying about what they're offering since they're the ones that are causing the most bullshit because we're just a bunch of illiterate gaijins.

I'm going with Ditto as the example listings since they are naturally in very high demand and because our league is going to need to IV breed since we're going to be focusing on the game instead of sims.
Here's what a listing on the GTS looks like.
You're a fucking liar:

As you can see this loser is asking for a goddamned Articuno for their supposed 5 flawless IV Ditto. I say supposed since this person is lying out of their ass. What it's actually saying is "This does not have 5 IVs". Simple and manipulative. It's clearly directed towards non-speakers while keeping other Japanese players from getting conned. The rule of thumb here is that if it says 〝じゃない” (ja nai) it's a sign that they're saying the opposite of what the words there mean. This is due to the language structure of Japanese but I'm not here to break down why that is. If you see something with じゃない in it you're probably better off looking elsewhere. *I couldn't find a shot of this but I've seen it floating around from time to time. ”5vきぼう” (5v kibou) or the like. きぼう is the word you need to look out for since it translates as hope/aspiration, looking forward to or ruse/trick depending on the context. It means that the user is hoping for the pokemon they're asking for in exchange has 5 IVs but it's mostly just another word manipulation.

Here we have another Ditto but the comment is just a bunch of letters for some reason. This is because of the character limit on the comments and so people shorthand and abbreviate each stat. H = HP, A = Attack, B = Defence, C = Sp. Atk, D = Sp. Def, S = Speed and V means the stat in question is a 31. In this image the user is saying that HP, Def, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def and Spd are worth 31. *I should note that some people do include stats that rank from 25~31 are sometimes included when they list it. This could extend into false advertising but it mostly it means that the stat is also really good and worth noting.

Pokerus, Hidden Abilites and Nature:
This one here has some Japanese along with saying it has 6V. The focus for this example is the text. More specifically the ゆめ (yume) and ポケルス (pokerusu). It's pretty straightforward: ゆめ=Hidden Ability (literally translated as "dream" because HAs were obtainable in the Pokemon Dream World back in Gen V) and ポケルス=Pokerus. The remaining text in there is listing the pokemon's nature, which in this case is timid. You can find a complete list of the natures and their Japanese names here.
*For Ditto in particular they will list two other possible words. かわりもの (kawarimono) is the ability Imposter and  じゅうなん (juunan) is the ability Limber. So if you're looking for a specific ability for any pokemon they may not always say ゆめ when saying it has its hidden ability.

The Friend Safari:
Literally translates to "Safari-san". Straightforward since it's saying it's from the Friend Safari so it's guaranteed to have at least two IVs worth 31. I forgot to include it in the shot but all pokemon caught in the Friend Safari are at level 30. If you seriously need a pokemon strictly from the safari but don't want to gamble that the pokemon is being lied about then look at the level for confirmation.

Things I'm not sure what it actually means:
I'll admit: I'm not entirely fluent in Japanese. I only have a basic understanding enough to carry a conversation for a bit and haven't been able to go to Japan yet to understand dialect and see the language in native practice. My lack of thorough knowledge and the fact that some parts in Japan have various slang and also botched grammar like we do can make navigation a little hard at times. In here I'm going to list some shots that I'm not entirely sure what it means but provide a literal translation for the words so that you can at least make the judgment on what it means.

This happens pretty frequently and I still don't know what it means.

”サファリさん5v1uようきあまり” (safari-san 5v1u youki amari)
I don't know what 1u means but it seems it's an IV shorthanding. I haven't had much luck with looking it up to see what this means but if anyone knows what U means let me know. ようき (youki) is jolly nature and あまり (amari) seems to translate as balance or remains, not very much when speaking about something as a negative sentence ("I don't do this very much") or more than. Mostly saying it's also Jolly, I think? Edit: I completely forgot that not only ようき can mean the jolly nature or it also mean container or vessel and あまり is more of saying "also" or "too". "From the Safari and also has 5v1u", perhaps? I'm seriously pulling a blank on this one.

You'll see this type of commentary from time to time since a lot of people are really into IV breeding and the Masuda Method so they leave comments promoting their pokemon for it.

”HACDSVですおやようにどうぞ” (HACDSV desu oyayou douzo). I wasn't too sure what this meant when I first saw this but I think I finally understand what it's saying. I believe it's using volitional form because of the -よう (-you) and おや(oya) means parent. どうぞ (douzo) being offering to the person they're speaking to. If this is the case then it's saying "Has HACDSV can use as a parent" so this person is recommending that this pokemon to be used for IV breeding.

This one isn't commonly occurring so I'm not sure why I put this here other than for the sake of an example or something...

”かいぞう” (kaizou)... I seriously have no clue what this means. My dictionaries are coming up with it meaning remodeling/restructuring/modding or resolution like an image or camera lens resolution. I would assume that it means that it was somewhat RNG'd or (is it even possible yet?) hacked or it could be something else entirely that I'm not aware of yet. It could also just be a text box filler since you can't clear the comment box back to empty once you fill it out for the first time.

Alright, I think I've covered most things regarding the GTS. Obviously even if they are still not taking advantage of the language barrier by saying shit like "this does not have 6V" there are still people that just outright lie and say "has 6V" without any kind of loophole. It's still a risk when looking for specific things on the GTS but hopefully this guide will help make it less likely for you getting conned over more obvious tricks and having some loser in Japan laugh at you for falling for it.

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Re: A guide on the GTS and the language barrier

Post by Trollestia on Sun Nov 17, 2013 1:38 am

Great guide! I'm going to sticky this.

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Re: A guide on the GTS and the language barrier

Post by Demon Lord Ghirahim on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:34 pm

I ended up updating it since I forgot to mention a few things but it's mostly unchanged and I'm seriously kicking myself for not being able to understand what one of the example listings is saying because I still need to learn stuff dfkjhgdslfkg
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Re: A guide on the GTS and the language barrier

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