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LoZ: A Link Between Worlds Review

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LoZ: A Link Between Worlds Review Empty LoZ: A Link Between Worlds Review

Post by ToonStink on Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:33 am

Mr. Freeze wrote:Nice review. I'd like to see you do a Zelda game next (your choice on which).
Oh okay I'll get right on that. I'm reviewing a new game! If I put something in a spoiler tag it will probably be a pretty major spoiler so tread lightly though I will try and not put any spoilers in here.

Story/Characters: Link sleeps in again. After some lecturing from your Blacksmith masseh you go to return a sword left at the shop. When you find the owner we are introduced to Yuga a sorcerer from the kingdom of Lorule.  Yuga imprisons Ceres in painting and thwarts Link's attempt to stop him. Later on after a second attempt to stop Yuga he turns you into a painting but you are able to move freely as a painting thanks to a relic given to you by Ravio a traveling merchant that decides to crash at your place in turn for selling/renting you items. Yuga then goes and captures Zelda and you chase him into Lorule. Once you are in Lorule you are greeted by the princess of this kingdom Hilda And you are tasked with saving the new Seven Sages and Zelda... good luck.

Gameplay: Basic controls feel like an improved to A Link to the Past which already had good controls. The painting ability brought a lot to the game and never felt forced I even used it for combat or escaping sticky situations. All of theitems were useful for combat. In this one you didn't find your items in dungeons you have to buy (for 800 or 1200 rupees) or rent (for 20 or 80 rupees) items from your new friend Ravio. Renting them is cheap but if you fall in battle you lose all the rented items. Owning an item allows you to upgrade them by finding the baby maimais an optional but recommended side quest for every 10 maimais you bring to the mother maimai you get a weapon upgrade of your choice... 100 maimai in total Also one more thing items/abilities now cost stamina which is great you no longer have to worry about running out of arrows or bombs. the dungeon design is fantastic some of the best in the series and you can complete the Lorule dungeons in any order you want as long as you have the required item.  There are two or three smaller dungeons in Hyrule before you get to Lorule that are done in order but that part isn't that long.

Difficulty: I'd say for the most part it is of medium difficulty. The boss of the sand temple was pretty hard for me so I recommend you save that one for later. I also recommend that you do the Swamp Palace later because the tunic you get from there will make the game a lot easier I did that one last by chance. The final boss is very satisfyingly difficult one hit does three damage so have fun doing a 3 heart run.

Appearance/Graphics: I was actually amazed by some of the visuals especially while wandering the dungeon in painting form.

Soundtrack: An updated ALttP soundtrack and new scores and Zelda always delivers

Misc: Somewhat short for a Zelda game I beat it in about 16 hours. I collected 63 maimais and 13/28 pieces of heart.

Verdict: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is easily the best handheld Zelda and arguably the best 2D Zelda in general. It is my second favorite Zelda title the first being The Wand of Gamelon Wind Waker. 9/10

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LoZ: A Link Between Worlds Review Empty Re: LoZ: A Link Between Worlds Review

Post by Mr. Freeze on Wed Dec 18, 2013 4:11 am

Cool review. I agree with it for the most part. After spectacles like Phantom Hourglass, this game feels quite refreshing despite the return to older gameplay elements. Probably my favorite music track from the soundtrack is the brass quintet major key variant of the Hyrule Castle theme. Haven't seen anyone successfully take that theme in major key before.
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