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Fate is upon us

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Fate is upon us

Post by Mr. Freeze on Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:18 am

So, Demon Lord Ghirahim and I hit the town today like bosses. Ghirahim saw $20 in a storm drain and called me up: "Bitch, get yo ass over here; there's a twenty dolla bill in the sewage!" I flipped a table and we hurried our poor asses over to the Dolla Tree, where goodness and happiness awaits those who are poor and sad. Fate smiled upon us, and we stumbled across the perfect tool for reaching into the depths of hell. A dolla spent, we hurried to the storm drain and attempted to obtain the $20. It was a success, and we went "Awww yea bitchin' lady Fate be smilin' 'pon us 'cause we got twenty dolla!" We were so excited we hit town again and went to Safeway and McDonald's, the dining of kings and gods.

The moral of the story is, the holy bible was right and the world will be judged with fire in 40 days MormanJesus
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Re: Fate is upon us

Post by Trollestia on Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:22 am

Oh Lawdy. Lawdy, Lawdy! Jesus sure does be grateful to us poh' niggas. I can only pray that someday he blesses me wit such an honnuh as twenty dolluhs, misstuh, I can only pray!

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